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Group Workshop : BE ME

Amalfi Coast // March 30th til April 1st 2018

A very unique workshop has been born & it came from a need to go deeper and not just aim for success but create a beautiful life in essens with who you truly are.

Are you a photographer or an entrepreneur and want to succeed in life and in business then this is the workshop for you. If you have an established business or starting a new one or just finding your way in life this is a workshop for you…

After being featured in Vogue and finding out that reaching your goals is not enough to succeed and thrive in life I set out to find a way to success in business and in life. To find your true meaning and essens in life is crucial to a happy life and finding your way is not always easy but possible and I truly want to help you discover your inner strength and path to a meaningful and full life. when we are true to ourselves and our strength and follow them the sky is the limit!

I have a great passion to see other people grow and to be part of this process in beautiful surroundings in truly something I love – and that is why I back in 2014 started the very successful Moda e Arte Workshop with speakers such as KT Merry, Joy Proctor, Sarah from Wedding Sparrow and Pearl & Godiva all incredible creatives. Now that has taken a different direction as so many workshops flooded the market I wanted to pull back for a while to create something truly magical so I’m beyond thrilled to be back with the BE ME workshop!

The team this time consists of the amazing FLOW teacher that helped me on the right track: Anja Vintov & the most creative stylist I know Joy Proctor together we will dance – explore – have fun – learn to cook some italian specialties and eat and hike and learn how to be the best version of ourselves and how to succeed in life and business. All offset will be in where you are right now in life.

Throughout my workshops I have been part of a witnessed other photographers and entrepreneurs grow into their full potential from participating on my workshops to running their own successful workshops. I aim to do more than inspire people – I want to get down and dirty I want us to turn over the things that are holing you back and look at your unique potential. I want us to figure out how to reach your greatest potential as an entrepreneur / photographer and show you how to make your business grow into a profitable one. Ill teach you all the fancy stuff  how to get featured in magazines and do styled shoots and destination weddings or what ever your heart desires.

Join ME on the sunny Amalfi Coast  

Dreamy 3 day retreat experience @Amalfi Coast  – march 30th- April 1st. 

We are finalizing all the details right now to make this THE MOST AMAZING retreat for you. Only limited amount of spots. Please email info @  for more information and for early bird REGISTRATION discounts!

One on one workshops

A one on one workshop with Sandra Åberg is built individually to suit your needs and help you reach your specific goals I will be your coach for reaching your goals for the next 2 months. One day is simply not enough to see the journey and develop the skills and maturity that true success require.

What does the one on one include:

  1. One Day (8h) to dig deep and see where you are and set goals that we will reach! Prefer this in person somewhere. We look through your portfolio we see what we need to change / make better and we find your strength. From prices and marketing  to your look.
  2. A month of hard work! You will have to put some blod/ sweat and tears into making the things we agree to and I will be here to help you through it.
  3. We meet again in person or on skype – we write the strategy for how to move forward and we tweak the missing things and we make sure you are all set and ready to run this to be a successful business.
  4. After 2 month we follow up again to make sure you are on track and up until the 2 month you can call me mon – fri with specific business and photography needs. I want to make sure you got this when I let you fly!

Contact me for a spot


I was thinking of what I would need if I was starting out and I created a very specific One on One workshop for the serious photographer wanting to reach goals and truly reach new hight in 2 months. If you are looking for something else let me know and we will costumise something for you. My strength & passion is pushing people to reach goals and for the right reasons!

(I prefer you have the basic photography knowledge and that you have been photographing for at least two years.)

The One on One can take place anywhere in the world but please ask for your specific location. I only do a limited number of these One on One Workshops  a year so be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot.

Price :  € 3500  (+ VAT where applicable)

For more info email: